Liquid Lawn Seed Sprayer

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Item: Sprayer + 1 Liquid Formula

Sprayer + 1 Liquid Formula
Liquid Formula
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Spray on grass? Huh? That sounds made up.

No, it’s real, and it’s pretty freaking awesome.

Look, every lawn has something.

Dry spots where weeds ate away the grass, your puppy’s favorite place to handle their business, that side of the lawn where the sun refuses to shine… you get the idea.

This liquid lawn seeder will grow you a brand-new lawn and repair the spots that need it most.

It’s easy to get green grass. Just take a look.

  • Wide coverage. The wide mouth sprays more lawn area at once, making your job faster and easier.
  • All climates. Hot, cold, wet, dry… it works in all climates. Okay, maybe not the arctic, but who’s growing grass there? Any other place, you’re good.
  • Easy-spray. There’s nothing to plant or dig, all you’ve got to do is spray. It won’t suck up hours of your day, maybe one hour, tops.
  • Eco-friendly. This isn’t some weird kind of grass that’s full of toxins and bad for the environment. It’s totally safe and works really, really well.
  • Universal connection. Easily hook it up to any garden hose. It screws on and off without having to twist till your hands hurt.

It’s easy to use and works fast.

Quit worrying about your lawn. Just because those brown spots are here today doesn’t mean you can’t get rid of them tomorrow.

Okay, maybe not tomorrow. Three weeks. That’s how long it takes to notice the difference.

Order this liquid lawn seeder today, and start your countdown tomorrow.

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Sprayer + 1 Liquid Formula, Liquid Formula