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This is the kind of thing where the coolness of it slowly creeps up on you. You’re just going along, thinking, and bam! You’ve gotta have it.

Oh, one thing. Its contact lens exclusive. Glasses-only guys and gals, we dig it, but we’ll see you later. Pun intended.

Now tell us, what’s the most annoying thing about putting your contacts in and taking them out?

Come on, you know. Something sticks to you, and it sticks to your contacts. Scratchy, red eyes become common when they should be rare.

And just try traveling with your contact stuff.

Doesn’t matter if you’re going two miles or two hundred miles, something always happens. Dry eye, dust, allergies. Bam! Those scratchy, red eyes are back, and you’re out of solution.

This all-in-one contact lens kit literally has everything you need to care for your contacts without ever having to touch them.

Wait… not touch them? How do you get them out? Where do you store them? How do you clean them?

Good question, and we’ve got answers.

  • Soft tweezers. They’re made from super-soft silicone and designed exclusively for removing contact lenses. No fingers required.
  • Lens rod. A what? It’s like half a tweezer with a little rounded cup at the end. Use it for putting your lenses in without touching them.
  • Carry case. What can it fit? Only everything. Your contact holder, a refillable bottle of solution, the lens rod, and the tweezers.
  • Portable. It’s lightweight and compact.. You can take it literally anywhere. Vacation, the office, the gym. Never leave it behind.
  • Non-toxic. The last thing you want near your eyes are toxins. Don’t worry, there’s nothing in here that can hurt you.

Your contacts will last longer and feel better.

Without all that crud going from your fingers to your lenses, you’re gonna notice a difference. And right away, too. Like hours, not days.

Order this now and ditch the hassle that comes with caring for your contacts.  

You’ve only got two eyes. Let’s treat them right.

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Blue Kit, Green Kit, Purple Kit, Yellow Kit, 5 Kits Pack