Emergency Road Flares

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Long road, dark night, rainstorm. Sounds like something out of a horror movie.

You know that bang you just heard? Turns out it wasn’t thunder, it was your tire exploding all over the road. Who knew disaster had a funny bone?

Deep breaths. Stay calm. Except changing a flat in the pitch black of night is dangerous. And what if it’s not just a flat?

What if that clickety-clackety noise your car’s been making all week just killed your engine? Or someone skidded over the bridge and cars are starting to pile up?

There’s only a million and one things that can go wrong on the road. The one thing you can do it right? Be ready. For. Anything.

These LED road flares are bright enough to turn a midnight sky sunny and burn long enough for help to find you.

 They’re actually kind of awesome. Take a look.

  • Ultra-bright. One LED isn’t enough if you’re really in trouble. We’ve got 15 ultra-bright LEDs that can’t be missed even from 5,000 feet away.
  • Shatterproof. Don’t freak out if it gets run over. It’s made to withstand a lot of weight. Cars and trucks can’t break this up. It just keeps going.
  • Magnetic base. Stick it to anything iron. These super powerful magnets hold it in place until you decide to move it.
  • Waterproof. Rain, snow, sleet… none of it is enough to make this road flare burn out. It shines bright even in the middle of a hurricane.
  • 9 patterns. Rotate, flash, SOS, whatever signal you need, we’ve got. Just pick the one for your situation and set it to run.

360-degree visibility means you can’t be missed.

Wherever you are, someone’s gonna see you. That’s a given.

Order these LED road flares today and protect yourself and your family in any situation.

This is the kind of thing you should have had yesterday. So stop waiting, and start ordering.

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