Laundry Pet Fur/Lint Catcher

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Got pets? That means you’ve got pet hair. It’s probably all over your house and clothes.

Washing your favorite sweater or pair of pants only seems to spread the fur instead of getting rid of it.

Not anymore.

This fur and lint catcher traps fur, hair, and lint in your wash and keeps it separated so it can’t spread.

Check out some of these awesome features.

  • Ultra-fine mesh. Don’t worry about fur or hair escaping. Once it’s in the trap, the mesh keeps it there so your clean clothes actually stay clean.
  • Easy to use. Just toss it in your wash along with your soap. The fur catcher floats right on top, so you can easily remove it and empty it out.
  • Reusable. Don’t waste money on hair catchers you use once and toss. This is good for thousands of loads. Better for the environment, great for your wallet.
  • Stops clogs. Hate it when your drain gets clogged with big balls of hair? This fur catcher puts an end to that.
  • More than fur. Sure, this fur catcher specializes in collecting pet hair, but it also traps human hair, loose threads, and lint.

This fur and lint catcher makes it easy to keep your clothes looking good.

You know that black t-shirt you’ve been avoiding? It’s clean as a whistle now. And that fleece pullover? Not a hair in sight.

Order this fur and lint catcher today so you can admire your clothes again instead of worrying about them.

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