Cognitive Alphabet Training Cards

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Kids love, love, love to draw. Okay, sometimes it’s more of a scribble. But so what? That’s how kids learn.

They need practice. Unfortunately, they tend to practice places they shouldn’t. Like your walls and tabletops. Sometimes even their clothes.

Not anymore.

These ink-free water drawing cards teach kids to write and draw without creating a mess.

Ink-free? How does that work?

  • Water pens. There’s nothing in these pens except water. And tap water is just fine. Fill it up and hand it over, your kid is all set.
  • Instant image. Just color over the empty space with their pen, and an image magically appears. They can trace over it for better hand-eye coordination, or practice sounding out their words.
  • No clean-up. That’s right. No clean-up because there’s nothing to clean. The image fades away all on its own. You don’t even have to wipe it down.

Okay, we admit that’s kind of cool.

But wait. There’s more.

  • Upper and lower letters. Unveil the image associated with each letter. “A” is for apple. “C” is for cat. Connecting sounds and letters helps them learn.
  • Reusable. These cards can’t stain and are built for small hands that don’t always realize when they’re being rough. Use them over and over again.
  • Non-toxic. One more time, just to cement it in. There’s no ink, it’s just water. That means your child is safe from toxins.
  • Stain-free. No ink means there’s literally no way these pens can stain up your furniture or kid’s clothes. Your home and the things in it are safe.

No mess, no stains, no fuss.

The cards literally clean themselves. Watch the colors fade away without lifting a finger.

Guess what else? They’ll actually be learning something while they’re playing. And they won’t even know it.

Order this now and keep your kids entertained for hours.

It’s a win-win. They get a new toy, and you get to relax knowing they can’t make a mess.

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