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Freaking brilliant. A tracking device designed as a smart watch that lets you keep an eye on your kids without them knowing.

If there’s one thing kids hate, it’s being hounded by their parents when they’re trying to play with their friends.

Try and tell them where to go and what to do, and watch the tantrums roll out.

Or maybe you’ve got a kid still in the clingy stage. They actually want your company, every minute of every day.

That doesn’t mean they can’t get away from you. Kids have a way of darting out of sight the second your back is turned.

This GPS smart watch keeps your kids safe, entertained, and allows you to track them without their even knowing.

Give yourself peace of mind, and give your kids something fun to play with they can’t break overnight. There’s a little something here for the both you.

Things for you.

  • Long-lasting battery. Don’t worry about charging it every five minutes. This stays charged for hours, even if your kids use it constantly.
  • GPS tracking. Always know where your kid is at all times. Easily track their location if they step out of sight and find them within minutes.
  • 30-day replay. Want to follow your kid’s movements? Replay everywhere they’ve been for up to 30 days.
  • Secure strap. Put it on your kid, and it stays put. There’s no way it can just slide off without them noticing, so it won’t get lost.
  • Voice messages. Need to talk to your kid or just want to hear their voice? Easy. They can call you, and you can call them.

Okay, so that’s all the cool stuff they won’t care about but you’ll love. Now it’s their turn.

Things for them.

  • Camera. Let your kid take all the pictures they want without having to worry they’ll break it. This camera is durable and made for small, busy hands.
  • Built-in games. Kids like games, even educational ones. We’ve got several built-in so they’ve always got something to do.
  • Flashlight. We don't know why, but kids like flashlights. Maybe they feel like explorers, so let them explore. You can always track them down.
  • Fun design. Cool colors and a big screen make it so your kid loves showing off their watch as much as they love wearing it.
  • Touchscreen. Keep things simple. The touchscreen is easy to use so any kid, no matter their age, can master it within minutes.

Still worried about your kid?

There’s a built-in SOS button for emergencies.

It’s super easy to use. Show them how to do it once, and they’ll never forget.

Stop worrying about your kid and just order this smart watch already. You’ll feel better, and your kid will think they’ve got a brand-new toy.

We promise not to share your secret. Let them think this watch is all about them. We know the truth. It’s your brand-new toy as much as it is theirs.

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