Workout iPhone Storage Bottle

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iPhone Version: For Iphone 7/6s/6

For Iphone 7/6s/6
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What the… is this a joke?

Nope. It’s for real. But don’t worry, it blew our minds a little when we saw it for the first time too.

This storage water bottle holds your phone, keys, and money in an airtight compartment while surrounded by water.

So really? Your phone goes in the middle of the water bottle?

Yep. It’s such an awesome concept we can’t believe no one’s thought of it before.

Take a look at how it works.

  • Airtight storage. There’s a center compartment in the water bottle designed for small items like your phone, cash, and credit cards.
  • Just place your phone inside the compartment and close it up. No water will dare touch it!
  • Use your headphones. The twist-off bottom actually has a port for your headphones, so you can keep listening to your music while your phone is stored.

Admit it, you already want one. We don’t blame you.

Check out these other amazing features.

  • Super-hero strength. This bottle is made from silicone and Tritan plastic, meaning it’s shockproof and super-strong. Drop it and it won’t break.
  • BPA-free. No one wants toxic chemicals leaching into their water. We made sure that won’t happen.
  • Leak-proof. Worried about water getting to your phone? Don’t be. The center storage compartment keeps water out.

Love this idea? Us too.

It’s great for working out, going to the beach, or just running errands.

Easily store your phone and other small items while you stay hydrated.

Order this storage water bottle today and make your tomorrow a little bit easier.

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For Iphone 7/6s/6