Interactive Cat Toy - Automatic Rotating Mouse Chasing Game

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Just turn it on and your cat will come running from whatever chair she's sleeping on.  Cat's get bored too, and boredom and lack of exercise, both mental and physical is not good for your pet.  Give yours something to truly get excited about, and offer up an alternative to sleeping all day and clawing the furniture just for something to do. 

The little mouse will move randomly, and you even get to pick the speed at which it darts in out of its little hiding places.  It's totally unpredictable and that keeps your cat guessing, so he won't get bored.  It also powers down automatically after 10 minutes to preserve the batteries.  

It's like giving your cat an x-box with a brand new video game.  He'll have hours of fun and you'll have to push him to go outside and play with his friends.  

Uses 3 AA batteries (not included). 

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