Intelligent Auto Power Off Cable

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Tangle-free, fast charging cable that turns off automatically when your phone is fully charged.

Overcharging your phone is dangerous. Think melted cables and burned out smart phones.

Does it happen all the time? No. Does it happen enough to make us worry? Heck yeah. You don’t want to end up with a thousand-dollar paperweight.

Can we just make one point here? They’re called smart phones, so why don’t we have smart cables to go with them?

Seriously, why does every charging cable promise fast charging and tangle-free cords only to deliver jumbled cords that take two days to fully charge anything?

We’re sick of it. We need more. We need better.

This smart charging cable delivers ultra-fast charging, twist-free cords, and automatically turns off when your phone is fully charged.

No, it’s not just a gimmick. We tried it. Guess what? This cable actually does what it claims to. Kind of a mind-blower, we know.

  • Auto power off. This cable knows when your phone is fully charged and turns itself off. You can’t overcharge it even if you want to.
  • Tangle-free. The outside of this cord is braided, which means it’s extra strong and impossible to twist up. No more tangles or frayed ends.
  • LED lights. Need to charge in the dark? There’s soft LED lights on the plug, the kind that won’t keep you up but will help you find it again.
  • Universal. It doesn’t matter what you’ve got, we’ve got you covered. This works with Apple, Android, Type-C, and USB. All the biggies.

Upgraded everything for a better connection.

We don’t want to get too technical on you, but we made this cable with high-quality copper conductors and an intelligent chip.

That means better connections and faster charge times.

Get your smart charging cable today, and charge your gadgets the right way.

A smart cable for your smart devices. It’s about time.

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