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Oh sweet holy ice cream maker. We’ve got one word for you—awesome.

Seriously. What’s the one food adults and kids can both agree on? Ice cream. Okay, maybe it’s more of a treat than actual food, but still.

You’ve seen eyes widen, mouths water, and we’re not just talking about children here.

This instant ice cream maker lets you make natural, wholesome, and delicious ice cream at home without a lot of fuss.

It’s pretty easy to use. Just take a look.

  • No rock salt. You don’t even need to plug anything in. Once the base is frozen, you’re ready to go. Just add your ingredients and stir.
  • Healthy. You control the ingredients. Make it as healthy as you want. Forget sugar and add agave. Lactose intolerant? Use almond milk instead.
  • Save money. Why is store-bought ice cream so expensive? It’s not anymore. Make yours at home and save a ton of money.
  • Kid-friendly. It’s so easy your kids will want to help, and so safe you’ll let them. Just keep an eye out while they’re working, and you’ll both have fun.
  • Easy. So first you’ve got to freeze the pan, but that’s easy. Just put it in the freezer before you go to bed and it’s ready in the morning. Then it’s time to make your ice cream.

No additives, no preservatives, just good food that tastes amazing.

Prefer frozen yogurt? No problem. This works just as well with yogurt as it does with milk.

Get this today and treat you and your kids tomorrow.

It’ll be nice to have something you can both enjoy for a change.

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