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Relieve muscle tension and aches using infrared heat and shiatsu massage

Pain has the most annoying way of settling into muscles. Like it plans to spend the rest of its life, and yours, grinding away and laughing about it.

Curse it, shout at it, promise it a hot fudge sundae with a cherry on top, but that pain just won’t freaking budge.

Pain medications? No way. They make you sleepy, moody, and sick. Massages? Sure, great. Sign us up. Except they cost a small fortune.

What was that? Come again? Did you say massage… pillow? We haven’t heard that one before. What is it?

This body massage pillow relieves muscle tension and aches using infrared heat and shiatsu massage, so pain gets gone and stays gone.

Okay, we’re interested. More please.

  • Portable. Lightweight and compact is the perfect combo for a massager. Take it to your bedroom, office, car, or on vacation. It goes where you go.
  • Adjustable strap. Want to have this massager tackle your neck? Fix the strap so it stays in place, turn it on, and let it go.
  • Relieve muscle pain. Aches and pains don’t usually go away on their own. This massager kneads your muscles so your aches vanish.
  • Shiatsu massage. Some people call it Shiatsu, we just call it hooked for life. One try, and you’ll never go back to anything else.
  • Infrared heat. Warm those muscles all the way down to your bones with infrared heat, and stop pain at its source.
  • Pillow top. The Shiatsu balls are firm enough to do their job but soft and springy enough to act as a cushion. It’s like laying on a small pillow.

Wanna hear something else kind of amazing?

This gives you an all over-massage. Yeah, it’s not just for your back.

  • Stomach. Doing crunches all day? Massage your stomach muscles.
  • Legs. Did you finally run that mile? Work those knots out.
  • Feet. Standing on your feet all day? Set this down and put your feet up.
  • Arms. Building muscle hurts, right? It doesn’t have to.
  • Neck. Arthritis giving you a run for your money? Massage it out.

Stop pain and feel good again.

This massage pillow is like having a second set of hands made to do your bidding.

The sooner you get it, the sooner you can send pain packing.

Order this now and spend tomorrow pain-free, and bliss-full.

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