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Yes, yes, and yes again.

Okay, so it might not sound like much at first glance. We mean, an inflatable swimming ring? Big whoop. But it’s way cooler than that.

Kids have gotta learn to swim sometime. And unless they’re born part fish, you can’t just toss them in and hope for the best.

Even if they’re not ready to swim, that’s no reason you shouldn’t both enjoy the pool on a hot day. So long as you know your kid will be safe.

This inflatable swimming ring helps kids learn to swim and keeps them safe in the water at all times.

Sound good? We thought so. Check this out.

  • Easily portable. It’s not quite light as a feather, but it’s close. Fold it up and put it in your bag to carry it to the pool, beach, or lake.
  • Double ring. One for you, one for your baby. Hint: the side with the leg holes is for your kid. Cruise through the water together, always within reach.
  • Protect your baby. That last thing you want is your baby going under. With this, you’ll never have to worry. This keeps your baby floating upright.
  • Learn to swim. Coach your kid as they learn to swim. The ring makes it easy for them to practice kicking, and for you to always have eyes on them.
  • Fast inflation. It shouldn’t take hours and volumes of air to inflate a swimming ring. Quickly and easily inflate this without losing your breath. Deflate it again just as easily.

Know your kid is safe in the water before you even go in.

This ring is kind of foolproof. Seriously, you and your baby are attached. So long as you keep your eyes on them, not much can go wrong.

You can’t avoid summer heat, no matter how much you might want to.

Order this now and be ready for the next heat wave.

Instead of sweltering together, you and your baby can relax together and stay cool. Sounds nice, huh?

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