Automatic Nightlight Outlet Cover

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Wrong assumption #1. A dark room is always a good thing when you’re trying to sleep.

Sounds good in theory. Until your kid wakes up in the middle of the night terrified the boogeyman is after them.

Wrong assumption #2. You can somehow see as well as a cat in the dark even when it’s pitch black out.

News flash. You’re not a cat. Chances are you’re gonna bump into something long before you see it.

This wall outlet automatically lights up at night so you can see where you’re going and your kids can see there’s nothing hiding in their closet.

It’s actually pretty cool. Kind of a 2-in-1 thing.

  • LED lights. Want a double dose of awesome sauce? They’re cost and energy efficient. That means you save money and don’t hurt the environment.
  • Easy install. No wires, no cords, no mess. You don’t even need to add batteries. Just remove your old cover and snap this one into place.
  • Stay-cool. Don’t worry about overheating. These outlets are designed to stay cool so there’s no danger to you or your family.
  • Free up outlets. No bulky nightlights taking up valuable outlet space you need for other electronics. The outlet itself is the nightlight.
  • Automatic. There’s a built-in light sensor that tells it when it’s dark out. The light automatically comes on. You don’t even have to push a button.

Wall outlet plus nightlight equals awesome. At least we think so.

Just think of all the places you could use it.

  • Hallway. It’s a safety thing. Don’t trip down the stairs.
  • Bathroom. See where you’re going without turning on the lights.
  • Kid’s room. No more waking up scared of the dark.
  • Basement. Creepy basements are a thing of the past.
  • Garage. Make it to your car without bumping into things.

Protect yourself and your family from tripping over things in the dark.

No more bruised shins, bumped funny bones, or stubbed toes.

For once, there’s something your entire family can agree on—you need this light up wall outlet.

Order one today and make your family happy tomorrow. It’s so worth the click of a button.

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