Indestructible Wine Glass

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We’re not sure if this is funny, brilliant, or just plain awesome! We’re kind of leaning towards all three.

So exactly how indestructible is this indestructible wine glass?

As indestructible as it gets.

This wine glass won’t break, shatter, or crack no matter what you do to it!

Check out these amazing features.

  • Slippery fingers? No problem! Drop it, slam it, smush it… this glass can take anything you do to it.
  • Bends and folds. Yes, we’re serious. You can actually fold this glass up and put it in your purse or carry bag. Take it to the beach, a party, or wherever!
  • Food-grade silicone. That means it’s non-toxic and reusable. It’s the same sort of stuff bakers and cooks use.
  • Dishwasher safe. Sure, you can hand wash it if you want to, but why not make it easy on yourself and send it through the dishwasher?
  • Not just for wine. Use it with beer, mixed-drinks… heck, put some juice in it and give it to your kids.

Do you drink wine? Do you know someone who does? Then you need these glasses.

The next time you go to a party, cause a stir with these indestructible wine glasses.

People will be begging you to throw them on the floor. They’ll probably want to try it themselves. Go on and let them.

Order these wine glasses now and start having fun with them tomorrow.

They’ll change your entire wine drinking experience… for the better!

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