Indestructible Charging Cable

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Plug Type: iPhone

Type C

Length: 1.8m

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Ever trip and yank your charging cable out of your smartphone mid-charge?

You can probably get away with it once or twice, but sooner or later that cable’s gonna snap.

Unless you’ve got the Indestructible Charging Cable.

It can withstand up to 65,000 lbs of force, which means it won’t break, won’t snap, and won’t fray.

Check out these awesome features.

  • Unbreakable. Seriously. Yank it, pull it, bend it… nothing’s gonna hurt this baby. Which means there’s one less thing for you to worry about.
  • Fast-charging. Don’t wait hours for your phone to charge. This cable works with all fast-charging devices.
  • Any USB. Worried your phone won’t fit our cable? Don’t be. It works with micro, Type-C, and iPhone ports.
  • 90-degree rotation. Turn the cable to any 90-degree angle so you can play games on your phone without pulling on the cord.
  • Charge safely. This charger’s smart clip includes a 56k resistor. What’s that mean? No fluctuation in current. Safer for you, better for your phone.

Forget old school cables that don’t support fast-charging and break at the tiniest pull.

This charging cable is built for today’s smartphones.

It won’t break, charges fast, and will last forever. Well, maybe not forever, but pretty darn close.

You charge your phone every day. Order this now and stop using chargers that can’t stand up to the task. Because you and your phone deserve better.

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iPhone, Type C, Micro


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