Hydrogel Moisture Retention Beads

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Okay… these are weird. Or are they cool? Nope, definitely weird. No, wait. Definitely cool.

Ohhhh, now we’ve got it. They’re both. Funny how that works sometimes.

Set skepticism aside for just one second and hear us out. These hydrogel moisture beads are a crafter's dream.

Deliver water to your flowers, teach kids to craft beautiful pieces of art, and decorate your home on a budget.

You’re about to find out why these little balls are so awesome.

  • Absorbable. These teensy beads absorb whatever water you put them in and expand up to 10 times their size.
  • Mess-free. Forget shredded paper or confetti that leave a mess all over your home. These beads stay neat and clean.
  • Reusable. As the water depletes, the balls shrink. It’s cool, just add more water and watch them grow again. Reuse as many times as you like.
  • Students. Kids love this kind of stuff. Get crafty during art time and show your students how even simple beads can be beautiful.
  • Colorful. Different colors mean you can mix and match. Why pick one color when you can pick three or four?
  • Hydrate flowers. Instead of putting your flowers in a vase of water, put them in a vase of beads. They'll stay fresh and beautiful that much longer.

These beads are two parts fun, one part beautiful. Or is it the other way around?

There's no time like now to start thinking outside the box. 

We're betting your kids have a thousand and one ways to use them you've never thought of.

Order these today and discover new depths to your child's imagination—and your own.

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