Hourglass Hips Panties

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Size: S

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Padded hips underwear to make you look curvier and sexier instantly

Want to hear a secret? The hourglass figure hiding under our dress isn’t real. At least, not in the way you think.

Diets failed us. Big time. So we tried the gym, practically lived there for six months straight. Know what happened? Nothing. Okay, our arms got toned, but our hips and thighs stayed the same.

No matter what, our problem areas insist on staying a problem. So we gave in and bought some body shaping underwear. It was so tight we couldn’t breathe.

Sure, we looked good, but that doesn’t matter much when you’re passed out on the floor.

These hourglass hip panties make you look sexier, deliver instant results, and are actually comfortable to wear.

Take a peek. We promise to keep your secret.

  • Breathable. We designed them so you could wear them all day without getting hot or sweaty. Stay cool and comfy even in summer.
  • Not too tight. They’re tight enough to suck you in, not so tight you can’t move. We wore them all day and didn’t even notice them.
  • Perfect hourglass. Doesn’t matter whether you’ve got a stick figure or a full figure, this gives you the perfect curves in all the right places.
  • Instant results. Forget exercises, diets, or expensive surgeries. This changes the way you look in the time it takes to pull them up.
  • Clothes look better. No more creases or dents where they shouldn’t be. Your clothes look smooth and sexy.

No hiking or bunching up so they stay comfortable all day long.

Finally, underwear that actually stays in place.

They won’t roll up or get all bunchy, no matter what you’re doing.That means you can wear them on date night, to work, or even to the gym.

Get these hourglass hip panties now, and get the looks you want tomorrow.

Feel confident and look amazing. Isn’t that every woman’s dream?

Size  Waist (inch) Hips (inch)
S 33 - 34.6" 34.6 - 36.2"
M 34.6 - 36.2" 36.2 - 37.8"
L 36.2 - 37.8" 37.8 - 39.4"
XL 37.8 - 39.4" 39.4 - 41"
2XL 39.4 - 41" 41 - 42.5"
3XL 41 - 42.5" 42.5 - 44"
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