Heat-Resistant Gloves

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Yoooowwiiieee! A burn to the hand can mean a little sting or big one. But even the little ones have a bite we’re guessing you’d rather do without.

We’ve got an idea. Let’s ditch the burns altogether.

These gloves let you grill, cook, and touch red-hot pans without ever burning yourself.

It’s not a secret, it’s silicone.

Check it out. This is gonna blow your mind.

  • Non-slip. No butter fingers here, even if you’re cooking with butter. Grab a hold of pots, pans, lids… nothing is slipping through your fingers.
  • Melt-proof. You don’t need your gloves melting when you pick up something hot. Don’t worry. There’s no way this silicone is turning to goo.
  • Precision grip. Open jars, unscrew lids, and handle silverware without having to remove your gloves. They grip everything you touch and hang on.
  • High heat. There’s these little raised bumps we call grippers that actually repel heat and help the gloves handle up to 230-degrees without a burn.
  • Waterproof. Sometimes those juices from your meats or veggies jump right out onto your hands. Not to worry, it’s not getting through these gloves.

Cook your food, not yourself.

No more burns, no more dropped pots and pans.

Get these gloves now and make cooking easier and safer. Save the yowies for someone else.

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