Ionic 3 Mode Shower Head

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Is a long, hot shower your perfect ending to a tedious day? Ours too!

And if you’re like we were, you think all shower heads are the same.

Well, we found this and had to eat our words.

This ionic filter high-pressure shower head turns your everyday shower into an at home spa.

Take a peek at these amazing features.

  • The power’s in the mineral balls. Dozens of mineral balls purify your water to keep your skin soft and toxin-free.
  • Negative ionic balls help balance. These balls make water molecules smaller to reduce fatigue and promote metabolism, keeping you healthy.
  • 3-way spray. Easily switch from rainfall to massage to jet, depending on your mood. Or cycle through all 3 in one shower!
  • Removes 97% of chlorine and heavy metals, because your skin absorbs whatever you put on it. Forget the chemicals and go pure.
  • Great in your garden. Your fruits and vegetables deserve to be toxin-free too. Attach this to your sprinkler to filter out impurities.

If you love water but hate the harsh chemicals found in it, you need this ionic filter shower head.

It’s the only ionic filter with mineral balls made to remove toxins, enhance softness, and promote your health.

Order one now and the next time you step into your shower, experience what it feels like to bring your favorite spa home with you.

Everyone needs that kind of relaxation once in a while. Get yours every day.

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