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No more messy purses or 'black hole' handbags!

Okay, this one’s strictly for us girls.

If you’re anything like us, you’ve got a closet full of purses and totes you switch out depending on your day or mood.  

There’s your work purse, girl’s night out purse, beach tote … You get it. 

One big problem. Switching bags is a pain.

Like last week, when you left your driver’s license in your work purse and got pulled over on the way to the beach with your kids and tote. Yeah, that was fun.

Or last night, when you realized halfway through your dud of a date that you needed a cab pronto, but oops, sorry. You left your cash in your day purse.

This handbag organizer makes it easy to swap between purses and totes without leaving anything behind.

Cool. Let’s hear more.

  • Multiple pockets. 13 pockets means there’s plenty of room for all your stuff. Makeup, hair ties, wallets, phones… if you’ve got it, this will hold it.
  • Instant swap. Don't manually transfer things. Just pull the organizer out of one bag and stick it in a different bag. Talk about fast and easy.
  • Universal fit. It’s made to flex, which means you can bend and squish it to fit whatever bag it’s going in. Just keeping it simple.
  • Easy to clean. Wipe it off with a clean rag and any dirt or makeup comes right off. It’s not hard and only takes a minute.
  • Zippers. You don’t want your things falling out, and neither do we. Just zip up the pockets and know everything’s secure.

Quickly and easily transfer your things from one bag to another.

Hectic days and screaming kids make it easy to forget things. With this organizer, you won’t have to think. You’ll always have everything you need.

Get this handbag organizer today and take the hassle out of switching bags.

Because… well, why wouldn’t you?

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