Painless Waxing Beans

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Okay, this is one of those amazing combinations of brilliant and crazy that equal a must-have. Seriously, waxing is never gonna be the same again.

Are you ready for it? Drumroll please… waxing beans.

Ever hear of them? We hadn’t either. We thought it was some sort of typo. Turns out they’re only the most amazing way to wax, ever.

Oh, and they’re the size of a coffee bean.

Remove hair quickly, painlessly, and without cloth strips.

Wait… what? No strips? How do you get the wax off?

This is gonna sound nuts, but you peel it off. With your fingers. It just rolls up and takes the hair with it.

Here, let us lay out the steps for you.

  • Melt. Just take a few beads and melt them down.
  • Spread. Take a spreader and apply the wax to your skin.
  • Peel. Let it dry a minute, then peel it off.

Wow, okay. That’s the kind of thing girls write fairytales about.

Anything else we need to know?

  • Painless. Ripping hair out with a strip and rolling it gently up are two different things. This doesn’t hurt. The other does.
  • Save money. These little wax beans last for-ev-er. Seriously, you only need to melt a few. That means you’ll save money.
  • Mess-free. If you get wax somewhere you shouldn’t, just roll it up and peel it off. Clothes, skin, carpet… it comes off easily.
  • Facial hair. Guys and gals, this works for you both. Remove facial hair quickly and without making your skin go numb.

Soothes your skin as it removes your hair.

We added cocoa butter so that it won’t leave your skin dry and flakey.

Already got dry skin? No worries. The emollients will leave it softer than when you started.

Waxing shouldn’t have to hurt. Order these waxing beans today and it won’t have to.

Smoother skin without the pain? Yes, please.

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