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We don’t even want to think about it.

Losing a pet? Not knowing where they are?


It’s the kind of gut-wrenching pain that can send you into a deep, dark hole that feels impossible to climb your way out of.

But we’ve got something that fixes all that.

This GPS pet tracker always knows where your pet is, even when you don’t.

Wait. What? You mean there’s a way to actually track your pet?

Yep. And it’s so simple, it’s kind of crazy no one’s thought of it till now.

  • 45 ft alarm. Your pet gets 45 feet to run loose before an alarm goes off telling you there’s trouble. Chase them down before they get any farther.
  • Easy app. It’s easy to set up and starts working as soon as you turn the tracker on. You’ll always know exactly where your pet is.
  • Real-time. Always see your pet’s location in real-time, because that’s the only time that matters when your pet is lost. Looking for the history? You can see that too.
  • Waterproof. A little rain, or even a lot of it, won’t stop this tracker from working. Because weather shouldn’t be a factor in protecting your pet.
  • Compact. Don’t worry about the size or weight dragging your pet down, it won’t. It’s made to be lightweight and portable.

When your pet goes missing, you need to move fast.

The longer you wait, the worse your chances of finding them become.

This GPS tracker leads you right to your pet so you can be reunited with your best pal in no time.

You can hope the day never comes where you need this, but you need to be ready in case it does.

Order one now and be prepared. It’s better than being sorry later.

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