Gentle Deshedding Glove

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Gentle Deshedding Glove

The best grooming glove in the world!

Worried about cat hair all over your house? Worry no more with this gentle de-shedding glove! Get rid of those hard to get hair that stuck all over the place easily! Just simply swipe your hand with the glove on the area with hair and it automatically cleans the area, saving you time and energy.

    • 181 Soft Massaging Gentle To Touch Knobs - it makes your cat purr and asks for more. 
    • 100% Safe - it is made of food-grade silicone grips even the smallest hair of your cat's undercoat.
    • Compatibility - it works great on ALL cat & dog breeds with short, medium, curly and long coat types.
    • Easily Deshedding - the hair peels right-off
    • One Size Fits All - fixes with adjustable velcro wrist strap. It's also machine washable!
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