Anti-slip Fur Slippers

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Color: Rose Pink

Rose Pink
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Seriously adorable. We’re always on the hunt for cute flip flops, and these just made the top of our list.

There’s just something about faux fur that adds a touch of chic to anything and anybody. It’s like you get extra cool girl points just for standing near it.

But the cuter flip flops are, the more problems they seem to have. Like not fitting right, or sliding all over the place whenever you take a step.

Please, please, please tell us these sandals are better than that.

These fur sandal slippers are adorable, non-slip, and fit perfectly in any size.

Take a look. They won’t disappoint you.

  • True to size. Not all surprises are good ones. Like running too big or too small. We make these true to size, so they’ll always fit just right.
  • Non-slip. Rubber soles make it harder to slip. Wear these around the house without falling flat on your face.
  • Super cute. Some flip flops are cute. These are freaking adorable. They can actually dress up an outfit instead of bringing it down.
  • Ultra-soft. The soft plush material feels amazing on your feet. Picture walking on clouds, now times that by ten.
  • Animal-friendly. Just because we like cute things doesn’t mean we’re okay with hurting animals to get them. This is faux fur, so they’re animal-friendly

They’re surprisingly durable and easy to care for.

You can throw them in the wash, just keep it to the delicate cycle. And you probably want to let them air dry. Heat and faux fur don’t always mix.

Treat them right, and they’ll last a long time. Maybe not forever, but you can get pretty close.

Order these fur sandal slippers today and up your cute points tomorrow.

Adorable, comfy, and fun, what’s not to love?


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