LCD Mirror w/ Front & Rear Camera

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Combo Pack: Mirror Cam Without TF Card

Mirror Cam Without TF Card
Mirror Cam + 16GB TF Card
Mirror Cam + 32GB TF Card
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Oh. My. God.

This rearview mirror is like all the coolest things you’ve seen in spy movies wrapped up in one amazing gadget.

Record video, play it back, and catch anyone who dares to ding your car—even when you’re not there to see it.

Make your car stand out from the crowd.

  • Motion-activated. The second someone comes close to your car, the camera turns on and boom! Caught red-handed.
  • Front and rear. Record the front and rear of your car at the same time with 2 camera lenses, so no villains can make their escape.
  • 1080 HD. Make sure license plate numbers aren’t just a fuzzy blur. You want to catch the bad guys, right?
  • Auto-save. Get into an accident, and the video automatically saves for easy retrieval. Prove what happened instead of just saying it.
  • Night vision. Forget sunshine, you’ve got night vision! Record with perfect clarity even in the dark.
  • Split screen. This is so cool. You can actually split the screen between rear and front cameras, so you can literally see everything.

Okay, so there’s some supercool stuff here, but that doesn’t mean it’s too cool for everyday things.

Shop for groceries, hit up the mall, and take your kids to soccer practice.

This mirror is versatile.

  • Wide angle. Get the whole picture, not just a narrow stream of it. This wide-angle lens ensures you’re seeing everything around you.
  • Blind spots. Don’t worry backing up out of a parking space or changing lanes. You won’t miss anything.
  • Easy installation. Just clip it over your already existing rearview mirror, and you’re done. You can even move it from car to car.
  • Anti-glare. No more headlights cutting into your vision. Automatically reduce glare so you can see better.

Super-cool cars need super-cool gadgets.

This mirror is fly-me-to-the-moon amazing.

Make your friends jealous, catch bad guys, and walk around feeling like your car’s worth a million bucks even if the bumper’s falling off.

Get one today, show it off tomorrow.

Contact Options Email: (Best Option) Phone Number: 44 20 7660 1046 Address: London Marketshop, 275 New North Road Islington, Suite 1258, London N1 7AA
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Mirror Cam Without TF Card, Mirror Cam + 16GB TF Card, Mirror Cam + 32GB TF Card