Rotating Flower Storage Box

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Version: Single Deck (M)

Single Deck (M)
Single Deck (L)
Single Deck with Phone Holder
Double Deck

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Parties are kind of a divisive issue. Those on the receiving end get food, drinks, and fun. Those throwing the party get to work their tails off.

And people always, always, always show up hungry. It’s like some sort of test—how many varieties of food can they find, and how much can they eat?

Hey, we’re not knocking anyone. We love a good party. We just wish that throwing them was a little bit easier.

Oh, and don’t even get us started on the cute factor. Party decorations are a whole separate headache, and we’re not ready to go there.

This flower-shaped party tray ups your party’s cute factor by a thousand while holding up to 10 kinds of snacks at the same time.

Whoa. 10 snack trays? We call that “party-perfect.” What else?

  • Food grade. Anything that goes near your food should be toxin and chemical-free. This is, Only food grade materials here.
  • Rotatable. The center of the flower is a spinner. Give it a twist and the layers spin. It’s just one of those fun party things.
  • Anti-skid. There’s a silicone pad on the bottom that stops the tray from sliding around, even when you’ve got a lot of hungry people digging in.
  • 10 petals. That means you’ve got up yo 10 different compartments to lay out your snacks. You won’t have to leave anything off.
  • Adorable. This flower tray is like a decoration in and of itself. With party trays this cute, you can skip the balloons and streamers.
  • Double layers. The top petals are smaller and awesome for little things like candy and nuts. The larger bottom layers are the go-to for bigger things like fruits and veggies.

Save space and keep your food fresh.

Instead of setting out 10 separate trays, set out one tray with 10 compartments. Everything gets to go out, just in smaller portions.

Refill the compartments as needed, that way nothing sits out for hours and goes stale. No more wasted food.

Look, even if it’s not a full-blown party, sooner or later you’re gonna have people over for something. Cards, dinner, an unexpected pop-in…

Get this flower party tray now and be ready when people show up. Because parties are more fun when they’re hassle-free.

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Single Deck (M), Single Deck (L), Single Deck with Phone Holder, Double Deck


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