Pet Flea Comb

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Got pets? Get ready to do a happy dance and shout your whoo-hoos from the rooftops. We’ve got a giant-sized WOW coming.

What do you call those annoying little black things that pets love to carry in on them? Hint: they make both them and you itch.

You’ve got it now. Fleas. Or ticks. Take your pick. One is as bad as the other.

Itchy pests that can only be killed with toxin-filled sprays that make your dog and cat smell and can cause dangerous reactions.

This flea and tick comb stuns and kills the little pests so you can easily remove them and destroy them, once and for all.

This is probably the coolest pet supply we’ve ever seen.

  • Chemical-free. No toxins, poisons, or chemicals that can harm your pet. Your furry friends are safe, and their fleas are dead.
  • Works instantly. You don’t need to wait weeks to see results. This combs kill the little buggers instantly. You can actually see them lying dead.
  • Cats and dogs. Doesn’t matter which furry friend you’ve got at home. This works for both cats and dogs.
  • Zap them. Push the button and zap the fleas and ticks with a tiny electric charge. Don’t worry, your pet won’t even feel it, but those bugs sure will.
  • Easy discard. Eck! You won’t have to touch the creepy crawlies. Just slide the blade and they’ll come loose, right into your trashcan.
  • Any coat length. Long hair, short hair, somewhere in between… this comb works awesome on any coat length.

Get rid of fleas, ticks, and their eggs so they can’t come back once they’re gone.

The finely spaced teeth on this comb doesn’t just pick off fleas and ticks, it gets their eggs too.

That means once their gone, they stay gone.

Order this today and help your pet feel better starting tomorrow.

They show you they love you in a thousand ways. This is your chance to return the favor.

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