Fish Hook Remover

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Catch and release ought to be simple. Hook the fish, let it go.

But conception and reality are two different things.

How many times have you killed the fish and hooked your finger instead?

Come on, be honest. No judgments here. This is your safe place.

Forget the old way of doing things, we’re gonna show you a new way. A better way. And it doesn’t involve bloody fingers or floating fish.

Remove fish hooks quickly, easily, and without any damage to you or the fish.

If a perfect fisherman’s tool exists, this is it.

  • Minimize fish injuries. Just because you catch them doesn’t mean you want to kill them. Gently pull the hook out without further damage.
  • One-handed. You don’t need two hands to make this work. Remove the fish without even putting your drink down.
  • Save your fingers. Hooks belong in fish, not in your fingertips. Stop hurting yourself. This hook remover takes all the risk for you.
  • Non-corrosive. Oceans, lakes, rivers… We made sure this remover stands up to fresh or saltwater, so you’re not limited on where you can go.
  • Ergonomic handle. Don’t hurt your hand pulling out hooks. This handle’s design ensures comfort even 20 hooks later (wouldn’t that be a good day?)

Doesn’t matter where the hook caught or how deep it goes.

This hook remover even pulls out gut hooks.

Sometimes the perfect weather hits, and that riverbed starts calling.

Get this fish hook remover now and be ready when it does.

Because the fish won’t wait forever.

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