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Do you love running barefoot through the park but dread stepping on some of the lovely yet nasty things found outdoors?

We don't blame you. There’s gum on those sidewalks. And bugs.

But who wants to wear shoes when it's a hundred degrees outside?

That’s why these pads are so awesome.

These sticky feet pads protect your feet like shoes while allowing you the comfort of going barefoot.

Check out these awesome, foot-loving features.

  • Anti-slip. These foot protectors won’t slip and slide no matter what sort of ground you’re walking over.
  • Waterproof. Try as it might, no water is getting past these foot protectors. They’re great for the beach, pool, or anywhere there’s water.
  • Breathable. Cotton and spandex let air in and create the perfect environment to banish foot sweat.
  • Keep out the heat. Ever walk on a hot sidewalk? Ouch! It can burn. But with these, your feet won’t feel a thing.
  • Easy to apply. They just stick to the bottoms of your feet. Literally. And yes, you can use them more than once.

If you love the feeling of being barefoot but hate stepping on stuff you’d rather not touch, then you need these feet protectors.

Seriously. Pick up a pair now and enjoy the feel of going barefoot without all the worry.

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