Fairy Glow Multicolor LED String Light

SKU: CJJZHWZF00012-White-1 meter-10 lights
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Light Color: White

Warm White

Length: 1M (10 LED beads)

1M (10 LED beads)
2M (20 LED beads)
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Stop. Don’t move. There’s something on your face.

Oh, wait. It’s just the soft glow of these multicolored string lights.

Okay, okay, so maybe they’re not practical, but they are practically perfect.

And no, you don’t need to wait until Christmas to use string lights. That’s a dirty myth that needs busting right now.

Repeat after us: LED lights are not just seasonal.

Jazz up your home, add some flair to your party, and create the perfect mood lighting for that special romantic dinner.

Seriously, these lights are the epitome of cool.

  • Bendable. Fold, twist, and turn these lights any way you want. They’ll conform to any shape you can think up.
  • Get creative. Forget stringing them along the ceiling. Put them in a wine bottle, cover a plant, or add them to a mason jar. Have fun with it!
  • Completely safe. These lights are designed to emit low heat, so there’s no chance of them going up in smoke.
  • Eco-friendly. Don’t worry about hurting the environment, these lights are energy-savers. Use them without guilt.
  • Soft glow. You don’t want harsh lights blinding you. The soft glow from these lights is beautiful without hurting your eyes.

Add a little twinkle wherever it’s needed—your home, office, or backyard.

No, you don’t need LED lights in the same way you need air. But you do need a little fun in your life, a little spark to liven things up.

This is that spark.

Get these LED string lights now and find the spark you’ve been missing.

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Light Color

White, Warm White, Orange, Blue, Green, Red, Pink, Multicolor


1M (10 LED beads), 2M (20 LED beads)