Breathable Travel Baby Carrier

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Having a baby doesn’t mean you stop traveling.

We’re not talking about going from one end of the country to the other. We’re talking about the day-to-day stuff.

Going for groceries, grabbing a coffee, taking a walk in the park on a sunny day.

If you’ve got a baby and want to stay on the move, you need this portable baby carrier.

Check out these awesome features.

  • Multi-functional. Front seat facing, hip seat sling, kangaroo wrap. Carry your baby the way that’s most comfortable for you both.
  • Strong and durable. These straps can hold your baby’s weight times ten, so unless your baby’s a professional wrestler, they’re safe.
  • Lightweight. Your baby weighs you down enough, this carrier won’t. The cotton  is light and breezy to keep you and your baby cool and comfortable.
  • Extra pockets. Don’t run out of diapers or baby wipes. We’ve made sure there are plenty of pockets for your baby essentials.
  • Adjustable. Are the straps too short? Too long? Don’t worry. Adjust them to whatever length you need. It only takes seconds.

Don’t be afraid to step outside your home once in a while. And when you do, take your baby with you.

This portable baby carrier makes traveling with your baby easy and convenient.

Order this baby carrier today so the next time your friends ask if you can meet for coffee, you don’t have to search for a baby sitter. Just take baby with you.

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