Ergonomic Baby Wrap Sling Travel Baby Carrier

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Protect baby function: When you hold your baby sideways, the baby carrier with hip seat has a soft and well-supporting head cushion, which can protect your baby's head and neck healthy development. The head pad of baby waist stool can protect the baby's head, and the pad of baby carrier with storage box an protect the baby's waist and fix the baby's spine.
Breathable & Refreshing: The fabric of this breathable comfortable baby holder is very breathable, which can make the baby have a fresh and comfortable environment, so that both the mother and the baby can maintain a happy and comfortable mood with this ergonomic front back sling.
Large capacity storage stool: You can put the baby's things in the storage box of toddler waist stool when you go out, making it easier and more convenient for mothers to travel. The two storage bags of newborn carrier with hip seat next to the waist stool can enlarge a person's mobile phone and a baby's milk bottle.
Multifunctional combination: This is a one-seat three-purpose baby waist stool holder, a multi-functional combination, and the back method of separable baby holder with hip seat can be switched at will to meet travel needs. There are 15 kinds of method of use for baby travel carrier, satisfying the baby of 3-36 months.
Detachable function: First, the strap of breathable baby sling Kangaroo Bag can be detached, and then the baby can be directly seated on the waist stool. You can use baby waist stool Baby Strap when you are at home. Second, you can detached the baby carrier holder with hip seat, only strap. The last method is to have both, this newborn holder with hip seat is very safe and will make the baby feel very safe. This method is also the most recommended when you go out to travel and climb mountain.
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