EMS Hip And Buttocks Intelligent Trainer

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With Remote/Wihtout: Rechargeable Remote

Rechargeable Remote
Replacement Pad Only
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EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulator) Hip And Buttocks  Intelligent Trainer Tones The Muscles, Causing Them To Reduction And Rectification By Means Of Electrical Impulses Through The Skin.

You Will Effortlessly And Debilitating Exercises Can Easily Train The Muscles Of The Buttocks, And You Can Relax While Sitting On The Couch

EMS Hip And Buttocks Intelligent Trainer Can Help You For Shaping Buttock, And Also Be Better To Firm Loose Skin, Reduce Cellulite, Enhance Body Building, And Relieve Muscle Soreness And Stiffness As Well.

You Can Self-Training At Home, In The Gym And Office. Lift Up Hips To Make Them Plump And Elastic.

It Works Great On The Droop, Flat, Spot And Not Symmetrical Butt.

 1. Adopting EMS biological micro impulse wave to stimulate the hip muscles movement resulting in firm and well- built hips.

2. Two effective modes as proactive tools for muscle strengthening and relaxation.

3. 25 minutes auto program setting,detachable  controller with 15 Intensity Levels

4. Ergonomic pad design enables great adhesiveness to the hips

5. Electrical stimulation of the gluteal muscles

6. Thickness of 15 mm only including a controller!

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With Remote/Wihtout

Rechargeable Remote, Replacement Pad Only