Electric Cable Threader

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Length: 5M

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Calling all electricians!

What’s the number one thing that drives you nuts on a job?

Is it threading cable and wires? Either way, we’re pretty sure that’s high on your list.

Something that should be easy can go wrong fast without the right tool and cost you time and money.

This cable threader is easy to use, won’t break, and is perfect for pulling cables through ducts and panel boxes.

Check out these amazing features.

  • Flexible but rigid. Sounds like an oxymoron, right? This cable threader bends when you need it to but won’t curl up. It’s the perfect balance.
  • 360-degree head wheel. Spin it, turn it, flex it in any direction you need. Don’t worry about it breaking, it was made to last.
  • Interchangeable terminals and eyelets. Easily change out what you need and where you need it. It just takes seconds.
  • Multiple uses. Use it anywhere. It’s great for telecom, electrical, wall and floor conduits. There’s nowhere this threader can’t go.
  • Safe for high-temps. We couldn’t make a cable threader any other way. Don’t worry about it melting. Not gonna happen here.

Electricians, this threader was made to make your life easier.

Eventually, you’re gonna need to thread some cable. You might as well make it easy on yourself and use something that actually works.

Order one now and stop your frustrations before they start.

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