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Single Piece

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Knee pain sucks.

You’re either wishing for another body or tearing your hair out of the one you have while screaming at the walls.

And rightfully so.

Knee pain makes it hard to get around, which means you can kiss your independence goodbye. And just forget about playing sports.

But we found a new kind of brace that does something no other knee brace does— it actually works.

This elastic knee brace has 360-degrees of support that takes away pain and allows you to move freely again.

Now we’re getting to the really cool stuff.

  • Pain relief. Walking equals freedom. Lose that ability, and your freedom goes with it. This braces gets rid of pain fast so you get your life back.
  • 360-degrees. What good is bracing one tiny part of your knee when the whole thing hurts? Our cushions support your entire knee, not just one side.
  • Compression. We’ve got these cool things called Hoffa pads that put pressure on your knee in all the right places, relieving your pain.
  • Flexible. Check your worries at the starting line. You can bend and stretch with ease. Our cushions support you, they don’t immobilize you.
  • Breathable. Hot, sweaty knees are no better than painful ones. That’s why our Air Knit fabric is completely breathable. Stay cool and dry.
  • No slipping. Whether you’re running a race or walking to the store, you don’t want the brace falling to your ankles. Our integrated spirals keep it where it belongs.

Restore movement, banish pain, and regain your freedom fast.

If you’ve got pain now, you want it gone as of yesterday.

We can’t go back in time, but we can make your tomorrow a whole lot better.

Order this knee brace now and get on the road to recovery ASAP. Your freedom’s waited long enough.

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