Breathable Gel Seat Cushion

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Sitting all day at work sounds like one of those amazing dream jobs we all think we want when we’re twelve-years-old.

Then we grow up and the dream job turns into a nightmare. Because sitting and not moving equals back pain.

Or maybe you’re hunched over your desk cramming for midterms or studying for the Bar.

Best of luck to you when your back feels like it was run over by a bulldozer.

Got a long commute? We’re looking at you. Come on, an hour both ways is a lot of drive time. By the end of the week you’ve got to be hurting.

Whatever it is that’s got you glued to your butt, sitting in one place for hours at a time isn’t good for anyone.

This gel seat cushion banishes back pain, improves your posture, and makes sitting comfortable again.

Seriously, it’s amazing. If you sit a lot, you need this now.

  • Relieve back pain. Doesn’t matter why you’re sitting, it just matters that your back is hurting. Get relief the first time you use this.
  • Improve posture. The better your posture, the less pain in your back. This helps you sit straight so your posture improves and pain goes bye-bye.
  • Reduce pressure. Your legs and feet can suffer too. Reduce pressure on joints and stop your legs and feet from going numb.
  • Stay cool. The last thing you want is a sweaty behind. Sorry, we know it sounds gross, but it’s true. This keeps you cool and comfy.
  • Universal. Worried it won’t fit? Don’t be. This fits just about any seat, and that includes the driver’s seat of your car.
  • Portable. It’s lightweight and easily portable so you can move it around anywhere. Put it where it will do the most good.

Conforms to your shape for luxurious comfort.

This is like your own personalized comfort cushion.

It literally melds to fit you, no matter your shape. That means maximum comfort no matter where you’re sitting or what you’re doing.

If you sit all day, you need this gel massage cushion now. Because you don’t deserve back pain, you deserve comfort.

Do yourself a favor and hit the order button. Right now. Let’s get that bulldozer off your back for good.

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