Rolled Hem Sewing Foot

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Hem Size: 13mm (1/2 inch)

13mm (1/2 inch)
19mm (3/4 inch)
25mm (1 inch)
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Hear that? It’s the lighthearted sigh of an afternoon spent with you and your sewing machine. Just the two of you, one cozy little duo.

Until things go wrong. Then it’s you versus the machine, and you don’t always come out the winner. Number one complaint? Rolled hems.

You want to sew them, and your machine wants to turn them into gobbledygook. That’s not very nice, but there’s not much you can do.

Until now.

This rolled hem sewing foot is easy, fast, and ensures success whenever you dare do something as crazy as sew a rolled hem.

Come on, take a look.

  • Even hems. When you’re trying to do a rolled hem, the last thing you want is a snag. This gives you even and smooth rolled hems every time.
  • Sheer fabrics. Anyone can roll cotton, but sheered fabrics that like to slip? This sewing foot holds them in place so there’s no slipping or sliding.
  • Multiple stitch patterns. Pick from straight, zigzag, or custom. That way you always get exactly what you want.
  • One step. Fold and stitch fabrics all in one step. There’s nothing to switch out, which means you can go twice as fast.
  • Universal. This works on pretty much any sewing machine. We’re talking all the big names and even some of the little ones.
  • Precision measurements. Start at the fabric’s edge, and you’ll always know the exact measurement you’re getting. That means fewer do-overs.

Easy to install and even easier to use.

Just a few clicks and everything snaps into place. Get your fabric ready, set, and go!

Seriously, this is kind of foolproof.

Order this rolled hem sewing foot now, and end your struggle with rolled hems, not your desire to sew them.

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Hem Size

13mm (1/2 inch), 19mm (3/4 inch), 25mm (1 inch)