5-in-1 Head Shaver

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Rid your head, beard, nose, ear and face of unwanted hair- all with one device

Psst! Come here. We can’t believe we’re gonna say this, but our hair is thinning. Ssh! Don’t tell anyone. We haven’t give up hope yet. Miracles happen, right?

Maybe it’s better if we just shave it all off. Bald is ‘in’ right now. Don’t believe us? Take a look at the latest billboards and movie posters. Pretty convincing.

But shaving your head is tricky. Those razors prick your skin and that smooth head ends up covered with cuts and scrapes. Less attractive, more disaster zone.

And it takes forever to shave. What we thought was a ten-minute detour turned into a two-hour excursion last time we tried it. We need something better.

This electronic head shaver won’t irritate your skin, is super-fast, and can be used wet or dry.

Get ready to do your happy dance.

  • No irritation. Who knew head stubble was so itchy? Want it gone? We’re with you. Use this shaver every day without irritating or scraping your skin.
  • Wet and dry. Lather your head up or shave it as is. This bad boy works wet, dry, or anything in between.
  • 5 blade heads. The more blades, the closer your shave. We give you 5 top quality blade heads that float independently and deliver ultra-close shaves.
  • Fast shave. Get a smooth head in minutes, not hours. Because there are more important things to do with your day than shave your head.
  • More than heads. Trim that beard and show off your dashing side. On that note, you can also remove stray ear and nose hairs.
  • USB charging. You don’t need to change out the batteries every other week, this charges up fast with any USB plug.

It’s easy to use.

A couple buttons, a couple attachments, if you’ve ever shaved before you’ve already got this figured out.

First time with an electric shaver? No problem, we’ve got your back, or head. Sorry, bad jokes pop out without warning sometimes.

If you need the instructions, they’re simple to follow. A quick read-through will tell you everything you need to know.

Order this easy head shaver today and make bald your new sexy.

It’s not how much hair you’ve got, it’s how smooth your head feels when you take it all off.

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