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Ahhhhhh!!! I think I wet my pants a little when you took that last turn. Weren’t you looking at the road?

Seriously, there are some scary drivers out there. Please don’t be one of them.

We know, we know. Phone holders sound like a good idea, but they never really work out.

They don’t stick, and your phone ends up on the floor under your brake pedal, which is even worse than in your hand.

This easy clip phone holder clips to your dash so you can drive, brake, and take those turns without ever taking your eyes off the road.

Check out these cool features.

  • Universal. Any make, any model, any size. Our clip holder doesn’t discriminate against smart phones or cars. Just clip it, set it, and go.
  • 100% safe driving. Keep your music blasting and your GPS directing without obstructing your view. The better you see the road, the safer we all are.
  • Adjustable angle. Sometimes that glare from the sun is just a little too much. Adjust your phone up to 120 degrees without having to remove it.
  • Visor clip. Dashboard not working out for you? Move it to your visor. It clips easily into either place, driver’s choice.
  • Tool-free installation. Seriously, no screwdriver, no hammer, no toolbox required. All you need are your hands. Clip it and you’re done.
  • Non-slip. Once your phone’s in place, it’s there till you remove it. Even if you jump a bridge (please don’t) it won’t fall out.

Simple design, simply awesome. That’s why it works.

No more excuses. Put your phone down and your hands on the wheel.

The next time you take that tight corner, you don’t want to scare the beejezus out of your passenger so bad they scream and shatter your ear drum.

That kind of thing hurts. A lot.

Order this phone holder today, save your eardrums tomorrow.

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