Draw with Light Development Toy


Size: 21x30cm

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Isn’t it great living in the future? Especially if you’ve got kids.

You know all those paints and markers and crayons that use to stain your walls and their clothes?

A thing of the past. Literally. You never need to touch that stuff again if you don’t want to.

Teach kids to draw and boost their creativity with this no mess, no fuss light development toy.

This is the kind of toy parents and kids both love.

  • Mess-free. No more stains or messes left behind. Drawing with light means no absolutely cleanup time, for you or them.
  • Safe for eyes. Low light emissions mean that your child’s eyes will never be harmed. Protect their vision while boosting their imagination.
  • Non-toxic. Don’t worry about radiation or toxins or anything like that. None of that stuff comes with this toy. It’s totally safe.
  • Perfectly sized. It’s small enough your kid can hold it alone, but big enough you can play on it together. Whatever you both feel like.
  • Cultivate creativity. Sure, you can try and explain how to draw, but having kids actually do it is where the fun lies, and where their creativity really comes alive.

Easy to use, impossible to put down.

It’s super simple. Just draw on the electronic sketchpad with the included stylus, then wipe it clean when you’re done.

Poof! The drawing disappears like magic so you can start fresh again.

Children need constant entertainment. Order this now and keep them entertained for hours.

Maybe you can actually enjoy that cup of coffee for a change instead of rushing through it.

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