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Fun Christmas decor to spend some quality time with your toddlers

Finding something fun for our entire family to do together is almost impossible. Our kids roll their eyes at almost every suggestion.

Board games? Boring. Cleaning the house? That one was actually a joke. Creative projects that require a little thought and planning? Double boring, maybe even triple.

Until now. Christmas is the one thing we can all agree is never boring, and making our own Christmas tree? That’s a big yes from all our kids, no eye rolling involved.

Only most felt Christmas trees come with stinky glues and scissors. We’ve got toddlers here. That means toxins are a big no-no, and scissors must be handled with extreme care.

This DIY felt Christmas tree is durable, non-toxic, and totally kid-friendly.

This is one thing parents and kids can both feel good about.

  • Durable. It’s felt, so you can bend, twist, and fold this all you want and nothing’s gonna break. It’s made to last.
  • Non-toxic. No funky glues or stinky chemicals. That doesn’t mean you wan to eat it, but touch it? Sure thing. Nothing bad will happen.
  • Kid-friendly. This is the most perfect family project ever. No hot glue or scissors needed, so your kids can show off their creative side without worry.
  • Easy to store. All you’ve got to do is fold the felt up and tuck it away. It takes up almost no space and will probably fit inside a shoe box.
  • Felt cutouts. We’ve got Santa and Frosty and candy canes galore. Basically, everything to do with Christmas, and it’s all included.

It’s totally reusable, glue-free, and easy to change from year to year.

Move the decorations around any time you feel like it. The felt pieces don’t need to be glued, just stick them to the tree, give them a pat, and they’ll stay.

Order this DIY felt Christmas tree now and give your kids a surprise Christmas gift before the big day.

It’s fun, creative, and perfect for the whole family. If there’s anything not to love, we don’t see it.

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Deer and Gifts, Snowman and Gifts, Moose and Gifts, All three sets