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Oh my gosh, this is so cute. And thank goodness, because phone bags are one of those things that are tough to get right.

Seriously, so many phone bags are way too bulky or only meant to be used as a clutch.

Bulky’s just not something you’re looking for when you want a small purse that can transition from school or work to date night. You want cute. Fun. Flirty.

This bag is all that plus the P word—you know, “practical.” No, no, it’s not a dirty word. All we mean is that it actually holds more than just your phone.

All that stuff you normally carry in your wallet? Fit it in here and swing it over your shoulder.

Carry your phone, money, and credit cards in one perfect crossbody bag that’s as fun to wear as it is adorable.

There’s nothing not to like here.

  • Scratch-free. What good would a phone bag be if it allowed scratches to get through? This keeps your screen safe and entirely scratch-free.
  • Shoulder strap. Sure, you can use it like a clutch, but it’s got a great shoulder strap that’s made to wear crossbody. Look cute and stays comfy.
  • Protect your phone. Bump your bag against a table or wall, and relax knowing your phone inside the safe.
  • Colors. Pick your favorite color or get a classic that goes with everything. If you’re a clothes horse like us, get a few so they’ll always match your outfit.
  • All-in-one. There’s a spot for your phone, credit cards, bills, and driver’s license. That’s pretty much everything you need for a girls’ night out.

Small in size, big on impact.

Walk into a room looking good and feeling confident.

Get this designer crossbody phone bag now and always have what you need, when you need it. The fact it’s so cute is just a fun bonus.

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