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Color: Leopard

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Cute and fun watch with cat shaped dial for cat lovers

Holy meowy. This watch is purrrfect. Okay, maybe we’re getting a little corny, and giddy, and about to do a happy dance, but we’re cat lovers. This watch is made for us.

Up your cute factor by a million and a half. Put this watch on your wrist, and the compliments start to purr, we mean pour, in.

Other watches like this look cute but break down almost as soon as you get them on. The time is always wrong, and the hands freeze up.

Sure, it’s cute, but can’t we get cute and functioning?

This cat watch is cute, fun, and actually works the way a watch is supposed to work.

Oh my gosh. We are so in.

  • Adorable design. A watch face that looks like a cat? Seriously? You can’t get cuter than that. And it’s the perfect size for kids and adults.
  • Whisker clock hands. The hands on the clock look like little whiskers. Easily tell the time, and smile while you’re doing it.
  • Adjustable. Don’t worry about wrist size. The band is totally adjustable. A couple of tweaks, and it will fit anyone.
  • Premium quality. Better quality equals bigger smiles. We ignored cheap materials and went for the good ones. You’re gonna smile your whiskers off.
  • Accurate time. Guess what? This watch actually keeps time accurately. Crazy, we know, but we thought it might be nice for a change.

Designer style at a price you can actually afford.

Looking good doesn’t have to mean breaking your bank. Everyone deserves something adorable in their jewelry box. We kept our prices low and our cute level high.

Treat yourself or the cat lover in your life. Order this cute cat watch now.

Dare we say it again? This watch is purrrfect.

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