Cutie Bootymark Page Markers

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Design: Fox

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Tee hee. What is it about animal booty that make us giggle?

Okay, call us immature, we prefer to think of ourselves as “kids at heart.”

The thing is, regular old bookmarks are boring. They slip between the pages of a book and end up lost or forgotten.

And try getting kids to open a book when they’ve got videogames within an arm’s distance. At least these cute little page markers give you a fighting chance.

Draw their interests and give them a reason to open the book in the first place.

These booty page markers are adorable, slip-proof, and pretty much guaranteed to make you smile.

Check it out. You’re already smiling, aren’t you?

  • Lightweight. Don’t let the animal bottoms fool you. These are featherlight but still sturdy enough to get the job done.
  • Slip-proof. It’s hard for this bookmark to slide around when there’s an animal butt holding it in place. Sounds weird, but it’s true.
  • Adorable design. Cats, dogs, hamsters, foxes… pick the animal you can’t live without. More than one kid? Get one of each.
  • Kids love them. They’re meant for anyone, but kids just love them. Lure your child away from their phone and towards a book.
  • Easy to clean. Got smudges or fingerprints on your new bookmark? No worries. Just wipe it down with a damp cloth.

Start and end your day with a laugh.

Like to read in the morning? Before bed? Enjoy a good story and a good laugh whenever you pick up your book.

Everyone could use a little humor in their lives.

Order these animal booty page markers today and start laughing tomorrow. It’s the easy way to add smiles to your day.

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