Custom Crystal Keychain

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Shape: Heart

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It's beautiful, sweet, and lasts forever

Awww… This is too sweet.

It’s way better than that locket that holds your kid’s picture, only it’s too tiny to actually see.

Or that figurine you gave your wife to remember your last vacation by, only she secretly broke it one day when she was dusting.

We love mementos. Seriously, they keep our memories alive, which makes them kind of important.

But sometimes the best mementos are the simplest ones.

This custom crystal keychain holds a picture of your loved ones, so you’ll always have them close at hand.

It’s seriously beautiful. Just take a peek. You’ll see:

  • Lights up. There’s a tiny battery inside this keychain that makes it light up. Just push the button and watch your loved ones glow.
  • Crystal clear image. Whatever photo you send us comes out crystal clear. Because you want to see your loved ones without having to squint.
  • High quality. This isn’t low-grade stuff we’re using. We’re top-drawer all the way. You only want the best, right? Well, that’s exactly what we give you.
  • Keep love close. Your parents, kids, pets… Keep those you love close by. This is one time digging out your keys means digging out a memory.
  • Professional engraving. We’re not just some strip mall photo guy. We’re professionals. We expertly engrave your photo into the keychain so it comes out perfect every time.

It’s beautiful, sweet, and lasts forever.

Forget about mementos you keep for a year or two then toss away.

Scrapbooks get damaged. Jewelry breaks. This keychain will last a lifetime.

Order one now and always have your friends and family with you. That’s the most amazing gift you can give yourself, or someone you love.

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