Curl Round Styling Brush Tool Set

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Curl Round Styling Brush Tool Set

Get the perfect curls you've always wanted!

Curl Round Styling Brush Tool is the secret to a salon-quality blowout (a style that is synonymous with royalty, movie stars and socialites), complete with amazing volume and stunning loose curl. The brush is as easy to use as a conventional round brush but produces superior results and can cut your hairstyling routine in half. Unlike other styling tools that require you to dry first then style, it allows you to dry and style all in one step.

  • Set includes 6 medium barrels and 1 universal handle which fits all barrel sizes
  • Great for hair 7-11 inches long
  • Detachable handle allows you to leave barrels in hair to cool and set the curl
  • Lightweight ceramic-coated aluminum barrels won't weigh hair down
  • Safe on damp or dry hair

Saves Time + Easy To Use

Curl Round Styling Brush Tool is the detachable round brush styling tool that allows you to achieve a salon-quality blowout at home. It’s as easy to use as a conventional round brush and produces results consistent with today’s hottest hairstyle trends – body, volume, and loose flowing curls. With Curl Round Styling Brush Tool, you can achieve the look you need by the time your hair is dry and cool.

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