Cozy Banana Pet Bed

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Size: S (Under 3 lbs)

S (Under 3 lbs)
M (3-5.5 lbs)
L (5.5-11 lbs)
XL (11-22 lbs)
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Oh. My. Goodness.

Start with a bed shaped like a banana, add one cat. What do you get?

The most adorable thing ever.

You know all those cute cat videos you find online? Get this, and you’re kind of duty-bound to add your own. Don’t worry, your cat won’t mind.

This cozy banana bed keeps your cat warm, happy, and cushions them to sleep so they wake up purring.

It’s not just about the cute factor. This bed has a ton of things your favorite feline is gonna love.

  • Privacy. Peel back the banana to reveal the perfect hiding spot for your cat. They can sneak in and out while feeling secure.
  • Warmth. Cold months can stress a kitty out. This helps keep them warm and stress-free, which means you’ll be stress-free.
  • Ultra-soft. Sure, cats will lay anywhere. But the softer it is, the higher the chance kitty will use it. Ours is like a cat-sized cloud.
  • Portable. It’s lightweight and easy to carry. Move it from room to room or take it on trips to the vet so your cat feels safe.
  • Dogs like it too. We’ve got different sizes for different pets. Dogs like to snuggle too, so get them one all their own.
  • Non-toxic. It’s safe to play, sleep, and sit in. No toxins or poisons that can hurt your precious fur baby.

Create the ultimate comfort zone for your cat.

Give them a bed they’ll love, and maybe they’ll stay off yours. Okay, probably not, but at least they’ll divide their time.

That means less hair on your pillow, and less allergies making your nose itch.

Your cat is always there for you. Order this today and return the favor.

They might not be able to talk, but you’ll know they love it just the same.

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S (Under 3 lbs), M (3-5.5 lbs), L (5.5-11 lbs), XL (11-22 lbs)