Collapsible Walking Cane

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Okay, repeat after us. Walking equals freedom.

Bad knees, sports injuries, arthritic joints… whatever it is, you can fight back. The one thing you can’t do is grow a third leg. Too bad. We’d kind of like to see that.

So here comes the cane. The big, bad cane that nobody wants to use because they end up being more hassle than helpful.

Like falling over when you’re trying to cross the street, or sliding out from under you every time you bend over. Canes are practical jokers, they’re just not very funny ones.

This collapsible walking cane won’t slide around, trip you up, or fall over when your back is turned.

It’s actually really cool. We took the things you find in a normal cane and amped them up by a thousand.

  • Non-slip. Rubber feet mean this cane won’t slip, slide, or make you fall and break the leg it’s supposed to be helping. You can walk safely.
  • Extra wide base. The wider the base, the sturdier your cane. Oh yeah, this one pivots too. So you don’t have to lift it every time you turn.
  • Wrist band. Don’t lose your cane again. Wrap the band around your wrist and even if you forget your cane, it won’t forget you.
  • Adjustable height. We don’t come in a one size fits all package, and neither should your cane. Adjust it to your height, so you’re comfortable using it.

That’s just the cool stuff, but we’ve got some really awesome stuff we’re betting you’ve never seen in a cane before.

  • Built-in alarm. Someone coming at you? Stranger danger is real at any age. Push the built-in alarm and send them running.
  • LED lights. Just because it’s dark out doesn’t mean you’re going to bed. The LED lights help you see where you’re going.
  • Second handle. Need to stand up? Use the 90-degree push handle. It’ll give you the extra boost you need to get you on your feet.
  • Collapsible. Getting in the car? On a plane? Sometimes a cane just gets in the way. Not anymore. This folds up to the size of a book.

It’s sturdy, strong, and keeps you on your feet.

Stop sitting and start walking.

Order this collapsible cane today and get your freedom back tomorrow.

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