Cognitive Development Infant Playbook

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Soft Activity: Oodles of Fun

Oodles of Fun
Dazzle Dots & the Missing Spots
Buddy Dog's Busy Day
Sherbet's Silly Farm
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Kids are basically professional mess-makers. The younger the kid, the bigger the mess.

Give a baby a book to read, and chances are its pages will end up on the floor. But that doesn’t mean we stop trying to teach them.

This baby playbook is interactive, educational, and soft-sided so even if they want to tear it apart, they can’t!

Check out these amazing features.

  • Early cognitive development. Your baby doesn’t just read this book, it interacts with it. Stimulate cognitive development while having fun.
  • Cloth pages. It might seem weird, but it’s really brilliant. Paper-free pages mean your baby can’t rip it apart or eat it, so you don’t have to worry.
  • Non-toxic. No stinky chemicals were used to treat this fabric. It’s just polyester. Even if your baby puts it in their mouth, they’ll be just fine.
  • Easily portable. It’s not too heavy and not too big. After all, it’s meant for a baby. Going on a playdate? Just toss it in your purse and take it with you.
  • Life skills. The cartoons inside the cloth pages teach life skills and activities all children need to learn. But they make them fun!

The younger kids start learning to read, the better they’ll do in life.

You don’t need to wait until they’re in school to start teaching them. Get them started now.

Order your copy of this baby playbook today, and give your child the best chance for success in life.

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Oodles of Fun, Dazzle Dots & the Missing Spots, Buddy Dog's Busy Day, Sherbet's Silly Farm