Clear Vision Trail Camera

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Durable day & night time camera to capture wildlife crystal clear

We learned something new when we were out hiking today. Deer move fast. If you see one, you can’t ask it to stop and pose for a picture.

And then there’s the animals you wish you could get close to, but your life kind of depends on your staying far, far away. Think black bears.

Hunters have it even harder. They need to know what’s in those woods, but finding out isn’t always easy. Animals know when to hide.

There’s a ton of cameras out there that claim to capture wildlife, but all you get is a big blur. The last one we mounted ended up with a cracked lens and failed night vision. Yippee.

This trail camera is fast enough to capture wildlife, works day or night, and delivers crystal clear images every time.

One click, and it’s gonna be your new favorite camera.

  • Perfect images. We’re talking 1080 HD and 12 mega pixels. No grainy or fuzzy images, they come out perfect every time.
  • SD card. Want to transfer your pictures to your phone or computer? Just use your SD card and easily share files between devices.
  • Easy to use. You don’t need a degree just to work this camera. Anyone can use it, even your kids. Just give it an hour and you’ll have it figured out.
  • No Wi-Fi required. Guess what? Forests don’t have Wi-Fi. Who knew? Good thing we built this camera so it works without Wi-Fi.
  • Simple to mount. Want to leave your camera outside and see what animals cross its path? Easy. Mounting it only takes a few minutes.
  • Night vision. Animals don’t just come out during the day. In fact, some only come out at night. Capture both crowds with this one camera.
  • Durable. If it’s going outdoors, it needs to be able to withstand a few bumps and bruises. This camera holds its own in the wild.

The wilderness isn’t waterproof, but this camera is.

Don’t freak out if it starts to rain. This camera handles the worst sort of weather. You’ll still get your pictures, and your camera won’t become one big paperweight.

If you hunt, hike, or just like taking pictures of wildlife, you need this camera.

Get it today, and get that perfect picture tomorrow.

The animals will never know you were there, but you can prove they were.

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